mercados latinoamericanos e hispanos

5805 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 135
Miami, Florida 33126 USA
T. +1 305 265 1138
F. +1 305 265 1198

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Carlos de León

Address / Dirección:

5805 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 135
Miami, Florida 33126 USA
T. +1 305 265 1138
F. +1 305 265 1198

“I know how to intensify my Hispanic and my American sides depending on the situation and what’s in my best interest. Being Hispanic and being American become interchangeable tools

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Safari Etno-Consulting

Safari Etno-Consulting

This Business Unit draws from a base of anthropologists and field researchers with different professional backgrounds who have extensive experience in market research.

With more than 10 years in anthropological research applied to marketing, we have developed and implemented ethnographic, visual and online techniques that provide us with:

  • Knowledge of consumers in their sociocultural context. How do they live? What are their practices? How do they use consumer goods in their daily life? What cultural and symbolic significance do the brands and products carry?
  • A broad view of the consumer world in order to understand and identify cultural symbols, signs and meanings using their own references.
  • A definition of conducts, appropriations and uses that consumers give to different categories and brands.



  • Ethnography
  • Targeted interaction
  • Ethnographic visits
  • In-depth interviews In Situ
  • Group interviews In Situ
  • Applied visual anthropology
  • Documentaries
  • Photo Panels

Desktop and Online:

  • Semiotic studies: designs, packaging, slogans, brands
  • Linguistic studies: slogans, discourses, online content
  • Documentary studies
  • Online follow up
  • Online ethnography