mercados latinoamericanos e hispanos

5805 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 135
Miami, Florida 33126 USA
T. +1 305 265 1138
F. +1 305 265 1198

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Carlos de León

Address / Dirección:

5805 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 135
Miami, Florida 33126 USA
T. +1 305 265 1138
F. +1 305 265 1198

I often feel external pressure to say where I’m from. I know that if I don’t do this, people will keep asking questions. That’s why, even though I’m proud of my origins, they become an obstacle when I need to express my own identity and personality”

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At Kitelab our goal is to offer precise and reliable tools for comprehensive decision making. Quantitative research allows us to answer concrete and strategic questions about the market. The methods we use to obtain information are generally telephone, Internet or face-to-face interviews. Quantitative studies are based on in-depth involvement with client needs in order to design tailor made research that responds in real time to the client’s information requirements. Kitelab has a solid statistics department to design analytical samples and has the knowledge of and access to state-of-the-art software. Kitelab offers a great market research experience for the following types of studies:


    • Studies of consumption habits, uses and attitudes toward any type of product or service
    • Personality and lifestyle (Psychographic studies)
    • Advertising media studies (TV, radio, magazines, etc.)
    • Advertising monitoring / tracking
    • Concept and packaging tests
    • Brand Equity studies
    • OMT: Multiple Product Optimization Tests
    • Image studies
    • Brand extension studies
    • Positioning and perceptual maps
    • Product tests
    • Segmentation studies
    • Category management