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Carlos de León

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5805 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 135
Miami, Florida 33126 USA
T. +1 305 265 1138
F. +1 305 265 1198

I often feel external pressure to say where I’m from. I know that if I don’t do this, people will keep asking questions. That’s why, even though I’m proud of my origins, they become an obstacle when I need to express my own identity and personality”

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ADvanced® PreTest

  • Determine how the audience responds to visual stimuli
  • Understand the levels of impact, communication and persuasion generated
  • Identify elements of stimuli that can be improved
  • Understand audience response to the stimuli

What does an ADvanced® PreTest provide?

  • It ensures that a commercial will stand out in terms of ADvanced® Score variables
  • It identifies key scenes for other applications
  • It detects areas of opportunity prior to execution
  • It incorporates “Fine Tuning” elements
  • It establishes criteria for spots (lifting)

ADvanced® Score

The ADvanced® Score is an index for grading the effectiveness of a stimulus. It is the product of five components that are compared against a standard of more than 1000 executions evaluated in Mexico.

ADvanced® Score

Advanced Concept Testing®

The main purpose here is to define whether or not the idea is ideally situated for market competition. It analyzes the following three essential points concerning concepts in order to optimize them:

  • The product benefit should be strong and unique, a “reason for being”
  • A “reason for buying”; the benefit is tangible and transmitted to the consumer
  • A clear product description so the consumer understands such features as: price, size, varieties, as well as the target public, etc.

ADvanced Product Testing®

Indicator: Used when the development of a new formula, or a variation of an existing one, is planned for the market (flavors, active ingredients, etc.)

In this case, when faced with several options, the key to analysis is to help the brand choose an option that not only demonstrates good organoleptic performance, but also offers advantages that include: persuasion, new and different and value for money, as well as a bond with the brand (concept-image).

Competitive Advantage: With the experience of hundreds of such studies in different categories, we can offer standards of comparison from the Mexican market, thus allowing the brand to formulate a log of those that will make new product improvement processes more efficient.

ADvanced Packaging Test® CPT

When and why?

  • If a new brand or variation of an existing brand is planned (extension).
  • In this case several packaging options exist and the key to the packaging test will help the brand choose packaging that offers the greatest chance of success.
  • When there is an opportunity or need to change current packaging.
  • In this case, the packaging test will help identify the necessary change or changes without altering the current intention to purchase.

ADvanced® Package Test researches the best options for:

  • Packaging design (colors, font, logos, and any other visual characteristics)
  • Type of packaging (plastic, glass, Tetrapack, etc.) and in some cases the size

“Packaging is the product’s personality.”