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5805 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 135
Miami, Florida 33126 USA
T. +1 305 265 1138
F. +1 305 265 1198

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Carlos de León

Address / Dirección:

5805 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 135
Miami, Florida 33126 USA
T. +1 305 265 1138
F. +1 305 265 1198

“Living in the USA necessarily implies a certain level of acculturation. All of us have internalized and appropriated certain American cultural aspects, if not it would be impossible to live and work here!”

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Introducing KITELAB

KITELAB is the product of a new philosophy for analyzing, understanding and recommending decisions based on the new circumstances faced by the 615 million consumers, customers and citizens in the 20 countries we cover.

It is a new regional group of research companies specializing in the Hispanic market in the United States and Latin American markets.

We change the research perspective and the way it benefits your business.

Look around you. What´s changed?

Drastic and dramatic changes can be seen everywhere. They have a powerful and immediate impact with major implications.

Have you noticed these changes?

Without realizing it these new situations are changing us. They are transforming our tastes, perceptions, habits and almost every aspect of our daily life.

These changes affect everyone.

The research company of today is no longer just a matter of technology, infrastructure, or armies of information gatherers; nor is it about globalization, applied mathematics or adapted anthropology. It is about people who strive to understand and analyze people. It is about talent and intelligence.

Talent and intelligence.

We are fully qualified to create research models and solutions based on the best combinations of methods, concepts and tools.

We are the extension of your senses.

Our job is to continually interpret the world to detect the repercussions not only of drastic changes, but also of subtle transformations.

We help clients understand how evolution may have an impact their businesses and how they can take advantage of this evolution to do business.

Research is no longer characterized by rigidity, but by flexibility. Technology is no longer the axis; people are.