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5805 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 135
Miami, Florida 33126 USA
T. +1 305 265 1138
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Carlos de León

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5805 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 135
Miami, Florida 33126 USA
T. +1 305 265 1138
F. +1 305 265 1198

“I know how to intensify my Hispanic and my American sides depending on the situation and what’s in my best interest. Being Hispanic and being American become interchangeable tools

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Kitelab : What We Do


ADvanced® it's a research system designed to measure human reactions and impact at marketing and communication stimuli.


Local knowledge and expertise allow us to understand decoding, meanings and codes in each culture and thereby allow our clients to develop more powerful brands and more satisfied consumers.

Lemon Ice

Quantitative studies are based on in-depth involvement with client needs in order to design tailor made research that responds in real time to the client’s information requirements.

Safari Etno-Consulting

Knowledge of consumers in their sociocultural context. How do they live? What are their practices? How do they use consumer goods in their daily life? What cultural and symbolic significance do the brands and products carry?

Ludoviko, The LATeen Project

Ludoviko, The LATeen Project is a first-of-its-kind study in Latin America covering the teenage segment and the best way to get an in-depth, fresh and different look at every possible aspects of Teens

Formulating a New Grammar

Kitelab has a new philosophy for analyzing, understanding and recommending decisions based on the new circumstances facing 620 million consumers, customers and citizens in the 20 countries we cover.

Establishing a New Focus

Traditional market research was very useful for business development in the twentieth century. Now, we need a new focus that is tailored to the new needs of the twenty-first century.

In order to respond to this imperative and be able to help our clients, at Kitelab we have adopted a new philosophy and a different business model.